Neck Pain

Holistic Treatment for Neck Pain from Your College Park and Riverdale Chiropractor

If you're one of the countless Americans plagued with acute or chronic neck pain, you may have trouble performing your job, driving, sleeping, looking around or even meeting another person's gaze. This relatively small area of your body can create huge problems for you when something goes wrong with it. But don't torture yourself with thoughts of major surgery -- because you can get non-surgical, holistic treatment for your neck pain from your College Park and Riverdale chiropractor at Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center.


How (and Why) Neck Pain Intrudes on Your Life

Neck pain afflicts different people for different reasons at different stages of life. Normal aging may be accompanied by bulging discs and/or osteoarthritis of the delicate facet joints that give your cervical spines its mobility. An auto accident or sports injury can cause serious damage in the form of whiplash, leaving you with strained soft tissues and herniated discs in your neck. You may be experiencing neck pain due to a never-detected cervical misalignment that stresses your neck musculature, causing tightness, spasms and strains. Even your everyday posture can produce chronic strain issues such as "text neck" (from staring downward at your mobile device all the time). Incorrect driving position or office desk/chair height can also encourage neck strain.

Chiropractic Care and Other Non-Invasive Answers

Many neck pain sufferers hesitate to seek help because they're afraid of the prospect of major surgery; others don't want to start down the path of potentially-addictive prescription painkillers. Either College Park chiropractor in our skilled team can provide acute neck pain relief and chronic neck pain management entirely through non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical means such as chiropractic care.

The first thing your College Park chiropractor will do is examine your neck thoroughly, using X-rays if necessary, to see how and whether your cervical vertebrae, joints or discs have shifted out of their normal positions. If so, chiropractic adjustments should improve joint motion and relieve nerve impingement that contributes to your pain. Balancing your head on your neck also takes undue pressures away from the neck muscles, giving them a chance to relax. If you suffer from a chronic degenerative joint condition such as arthritis, we can administer regular adjustments and prescribe exercises to aid in pain relief and flexibility.

Chiropractic adjustments may be only one part of a holistic neck pain management strategy that we create just for you. For instance, we may recommend specific exercises or lifestyle changes to support proper posture and a strain-free neck. We may also suggest a nutritional regimen that emphasizes anti-inflammatory foods.

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