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The knees have to bear the most weight out of any joint in the body. Your knees are responsible for your overall balance and stability. The knees are also the most prone to injury. Knee injuries, pain, and discomfort can be the result of either specific injury, or prolonged wear and tear to the knee.

The knee is a complex structure and pain can present in many different areas of the knee. Pain in the back and front of knee pain are indicative of different unique damage, as is pain on the sides of the knee or pain inside the knee. Extreme knee pain while walking, running, going up and down stairs, and even knee pain while sitting are all frequent complaints.

Weakness and instability in the knee are very common. Stiffness in the knee or a locking sensation may prevent you from fully extending or bending the knee. If accompanied by knee pain, popping, clicking, or grinding sounds when kneeling or squatting may indicate damage in the knee.

An untreated knee injury or knee pain may go away temporarily, but it can return months to years later as chronic knee pain. Seeking chiropractic treatment early can help prevent a one-time injury from becoming chronic and you having to experience pain much more frequently.

Athletes who regularly participate in sports can place extreme demands on their knees. Even when knee injury does not occur, prolonged overuse can result in chronic knee pain. Poor posture, obesity, and other medical conditions can also lead to knee issues in the knee.

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