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Have you ever noticed that every major league team in the US, including large colleges have chiropractors on staff to treat their athletes?

We see athletes who compete at different levels in the Metro Atlanta Area.  The main focus at our office is preventing sports injuries with chiropractic care before they occur.  We regularly examine the arms and legs, also known as extremities.  Joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet are more likely to be injured from normal functioning positions when competing due to increased stress placed on those parts of the body.  Once this happens, the biomechanics of running, throwing, jumping, catching, and overall movement can be compromised.  This makes it harder for an athlete to perform at their best during a game, match, or event.


Our chiropractors can assist to find underlying issue with your joints and address them before they cause more issues.  Once any issues are addressed, the athlete can experience faster times, meeting more goals, less fatigue, and risk for injury on the field, track, or court.

We see people of all ages and activity levels at our office.  Once an issue is found, we address exactly what is needed.  So, whether you are wanting to take a run faster, jump higher, throw further, increase accuracy, or you just simply want to function and feel better, we will take all of that into consideration with your personalized treatment plan.


If you are looking for a Top Rated Chiropractor in College Park, GA or Riverdale, GA, give us a call at 404-565-0414.  Our doctors believe in serving and educating our community in which we live and work. We provide quality chiropractic care to share our knowledge of holistic, healthy living with the residents of College Park, Riverdale, Union City, East Point, Forest Park, Camp Creek, Hapeville, Fairburn, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas. To help encourage the community to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care, we are pleased to offer a FREE consultation to new patients.

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  • "This place is awesome! Friendly and Caring Staff!"
    Peachtree Smac
  • "Dr. Jones is am amazing doctor. She's so knowledgeable and gives a first class adjustment. She's alwaysy go-to chiropractor when I visit Atlanta."
    Alysse Richardson